Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know which package best suits my space?

Our digital E-Lite Package is best suited to spaces that need sprucing up. For example, a Living Room that requires new furniture and decor, paint colours, decorative lighting and window treatments. It does not require any construction or joinery.

Our Essential and Exclusive Packages are for spaces that require a bit more work. For example, a Living Room that requires new furniture and decor, paint colours, decorative lighting, window treatments, wallpaper, flooring & fitted joinery. Detailed drawings & samples are sent via courier to your doorstep.  The Exclusive package is ideal for a Kitchen.

2. How many rooms/areas are included in a package?

Each package supplies you with a new design for one room or area in your home. Please view our build your box options for Multi – room or open plan spaces.

3. Is there a special rate for multiple package purchases?

Yes, there is. Please use the build your box page to see what your custom price will be. Alternatively, please contact Sam Harris to discuss the options.

4. I have some items that I would like to keep in the space, could this be incorporated in the design?

Yes! We call these items ‘Keepers’. We will need photos & measurements of these items so that we can incorporate them into the design of your space.

5. How long does it take for me to receive my package?

Our packages take 2-4 weeks once we have received all of the relevant information from you ie floorplan, photos etc, a 15-20-minute consultation call will take place before we get started with the design of your space.

6. Can I use Design In A Box from anywhere in South Africa?

Yes! We are an online service so we can solve your design problem no matter where you are in South Africa. Our partners have stores in all major cities nationwide. We can also cater to neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia etc. Clients outside of South Africa will be responsible for courier and transport costs.

7. Do your partners supply nationally?

Yes, our partners have stores in all major cities nationwide.

8. Can I upgrade my package at a later stage?

Yes, it is possible.  Please contact Sam Harris should you wish to do so.

9. Can I purchase the package now and implement at a later stage?

Yes. We only start the design process once we have received payment and the necessary information from you. Please let us know when you would like to start.

10. What if a specified furniture item is not available or out of stock at the partners?

We will assist by sending replacement options of a similar look & price range.

11. How do I measure my space?

We can help you through the process. Once you have bought your package there is a step by step guide explaining how to measure and photograph your room.

12. Are all items on the shopping list specified from the DIAB partners?

We try our best to specify items primarily from our partners. On the occasion that they do not have the item we need to complete your design we may specify from other suppliers.

13. How much does it cost, and can you work with my budget?

The cost to you depends on the package that you choose. Please see the link for our DIAB Packages below: We are currently developing a basic budget estimator on our website that will help you get a ballpark figure for your design project.

14. How will you present your design concept & ideas?

Your design will be presented in drawings & physical samples compiled in a beautiful package that is couriered to your home. If you have chosen an E-Lite Package, your digital design will be emailed to you.

15. What is Engineered Stone?

Engineered stone is a quartz surface product. It is a composite material made of crushed quartz bound together by a resin-based adhesive.  It is perfect for interiors surfaces such as countertops, splashbacks & bathroom vanity tops.

16. What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a product composed of several layers of different materials sandwiched together to form a highly durable, practical and affordable floor covering. It is used to imitate natural floors like timber and ceramic tiles.

17. What is duco spray?

It is a lacquer that is applied to mdf (medium density fibreboard) or supawood boards by a spray gun in a controlled spray booth in the joinery industry.  It has a smooth finish that can be either matt or glossy.  There are many colour options available.

18. What is the process for purchasing furniture?

It’s simple:  we do the purchasing for you.  Send us your list of items you would like to purchase, we put together a costing that also indicates your discounts from our partners and then we place the orders once payment has been received.

19. What if I don’t like a furniture item specified for me?

We will assist by sending replacement options of a similar look & price range.

20. What information do I need to provide?

Before we are able to get started with your design there are a few things we will need from you:

  • A basic floorplan of the space
  • Photos of the space
  • Photos and sizes of any ‘Keepers’ (items you wish to keep)

21. What is melamine?

Melamine is a synthetic material that is laminated onto a substrate such as mdf or chipboard.  It is a durable, scratch resistant & cost effective finish that is available in many colours and imitation wood grains.

22. What payment methods are available?

You can either do an EFT, or a card payment via PayGate on our website to make your purchase.

23. Does my design package expire?

E-Lite packages are valid for 6 months. Essential & Exclusive packages are valid for one year after delivery.

24. Can I give a Design In A Box package as a gift?

Sure you can, DIAB would be a great gift for a newly-wed couple, first-time homeowner or a studio apartment for a student.