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Stellenbosch VISIO Features Design In A Box!

After launching our online Interior Design model to the public in March 2018, Stellenbosch VISIO, a popular local glossy publication sold nationally, featured Design In A Box on their website.  The publication’s winter issue, which has a feature on Design In A Box will be on shelf until end-July 2018.

Here is what Stellenbosch VISIO had to say on their website…

Rumour Has It, a leading interior brand architecture studio in Stellenbosch (Western Cape), recently launched Design In A Box, an online interior design and décor planning platform (, to set a new benchmark for customising beautiful spaces that – frankly – work for individuals’ needs.

How It Works - Order Your Box

Now live and fully operational on all fronts – from online execution to door-to-door box delivery – Design In A Box and its experienced team are determined to inspire and empower individuals who appreciate attention-to-detail interiors to take ownership of and fall in love with their environment.

The easy-to-navigate online design tool offers the convenience of personalising your chosen space in four stages. Thereafter having a custom box with interior design and décor planning resources delivered to your door.

Design In A Box‘s interior designers are passionate about delivering on their clients’ needs and sharing their excitement through designing clients’ desired space and providing them with all the resources and guidance they would need within different price ranges. Your peace of mind is a priority to the team. The idea of refurbishing or planning new projects can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re low on inspiration, have limited time, or are situated remotely. The resources you need to make your space your own will all be provided to you. From mood boards, samples, floor plans, a 3D render of the finished space to tutorials, a supplier database, shopping directory, value discounts and a number of planning documents,


Our Packages

Design In A Box offers three packages that are tailored to your space requirements and budget: (1) an essential package for smaller pockets and/or spaces; (2) for medium-sized budgets and/or spaces we recommend the Elite option; (3) an exclusive box to revive or create larger rooms such as the family lounge and an expansive kitchen, or, if you want to splurge on creating a more magical space.

An added benefit is its loyalty card and discount vouchers, therefore, guaranteeing special offerings from leading partners.


Analise de Beer

Own Your Space

“We’re extremely excited and honoured to have made Design In A Box a reality,” says Rumour Has It founder, Analise de Beer. “Many people feel easily intimidated by refreshing or creating a new space that reflects their personality and needs.
Design In A Box is the perfect tool for those who appreciate the convenience of a complete online service; because we look forward to making it an invigorating, fun and creative experience that goes even beyond to what our clients expect.”

Design In A Box’s parent company, Rumour Has It, has built a respected reputation for over a decade (since 2006) among residential and commercial clients.

Four steps to owning your space with Design In A Box:

Each step consists of a number of smaller steps to help fine-tune your preferences. Using this, we add to your spectrum of interior design needs and aspirations.


Stage 1

(Build your box): This includes options from (1) selecting your type of space. (For example from popular spaces such as a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom to a living-room, outdoor patio and home office); (2) completing the online quiz to help us pin down your exact needs; (3) selecting one of three packages to suit your budget and desired size of space and (4) ordering your box.

Stage 2

(Tell us about your space): Get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of things by downloading our how-to guide; (2) uploading photos of your space to your account page; (3) taking measurements of your space / upload your plans and; (4) uploading items you wish to keep because some things are the real ‘keepers’.

Stage 3

(Leave the work to us): First, we start putting our wits and skills together to plan your newly designed environment; (2) the result: a mood board, (3) floor plan, elevations and 3D render (optional). Step 4 puts you at the forefront of the process as you can review your design concept online.

Stage 4

(Start owning your space): (1) We prep your box with all the necessary and planned resources.  (six weeks after completing stage two) Delivery of your box will be made to your door; (2) You can then get started with the enclosed step-by-step guide; (3) enjoy the benefits of your Design In A Box loyalty card and discount vouchers at selected partners; (4) Prep your space and make the most of a refreshed chapter in your environment!

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