Who are We and Why Did We Create This?

Design In A Box is an exciting venture of Rumour Has It, established in 2006. Under the passionate leadership of Analise de Beer, our creative team consistently delivers world-class Interior Brand Architecture for the Residential and Commercial markets.

For the past 10 years, our biggest dream has been to create an inspirational, online interior design tool that delivers a bespoke interior design service at a fraction of the cost, no matter where you are. From what started on a sheet of paper, as any good interior concept does, has now materialised into Design In A Box, a brand you can trust.

Each project is important to us, no matter how big or small. We were born to do this.

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Everyone deserves to live or work in an incredible, feel-good space that comforts you, energises you, brings you joy and is totally you.
– Analise De Beer

Meet The Design Team

Analise De Beer

I am passionate about Brands, Collective Design and Creating inspiring Interior spaces. I find my personal energy in photography, nature, art and the philosophy of empty spaces. Spirituality drives me.

Analise De Beer

Creative Thinker
Lourens De Beer

I live for building innovative businesses that use digital capability to amplify their creative strengths and to automate the mundane. I find inspiration in working with people from all walks of life and helping them realise their vision.

Lourens De Beer

Digital Strategist
Micke Fourie

I strive to communicate through creativity. With ambitious dedication, I apply myself to any design challenge. I aspire to innovate.
My passion is to connect a brand’s identity to the space by telling a visual story. Seeing a concept realise drives me.

Micke de Villiers

Concept Guru
Maryke Le Roux

I am passionate about people and design. This drives me to continually learn new things, deliver quality work and innovative results. I genuinely love what I do and enjoy new challenges.

Maryke Le Roux

Brand Wizard
Stéphani Jeanne Roux

I am passionate about exceeding my clients’ expectations and fulfilling their needs. I love using different elements which complement each other to create a piece of art with a wow factor. I find my best inspiration in the unlikeliest of spaces which inspires me to create something unique, different and trendy. I am motivated to exceed my own expectations, knowing that I have given my best and have pushed my limitations.

Stéphani Jeanne Roux

Interior Designer

With my love of all things tech and Internet, I soon moved my focus to the web while pursuing my graphic design and photography studies. Being pragmatic with an arty background, I coined the title Creative Logician. Solving problems, in a pretty fashion.

Wilbur Taute

Code Crafter

Design In A Box Is Powered By Rumour Has It.