Mood Board style picture
Mood Board

An inspirational look and feel board for your chosen space. Everything you’ve dreamt of.

What's In The Box - Furniture Plan style picture
Custom Floor Plan

It’s all in the detail. A floor plan and layout of exactly what we envision for your space.

Custom Elevations - Kitchen style image
Elevation (Optional)

A side profile of your space, showing all detail of height and finishes to help envision your space.

3D Render style picture
3D Render (Optional)

An artistic impression of your transformed space so that you can visualise the final outcome.

What's In The Box - DIAB Loyalty Card style picture
Design In A Box Cashback Card

Another benefit from us! Your own personalised cashback card, so that you can shop and save.

What's In The Box - Supplier Database style picture
Supplier Database

Not sure where to get it? A national supplier list and map with everything you need.

What's In The Box - DIAB Shopping Directory
Shopping Directory

A complete shopping list of everything we suggest, perfectly organised for you.

What's In The Box - DIAB Colour, Samples and Specifications
Samples, Colours & Specifications

Touch, feel and view the products you can choose from to fit-out your space. All in one box!

What's In The Box - DIAB Step by Step Guide
Implementing Your Design

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we guide you through the process one step at a time.

Still Not Sure How It Works?