Bathroom Trends 2019: Keep an eye out for these edgy trends.


Over the past few years Modern Industrial Design has turned into the next big thing and elements of this style are finally trending in bathrooms. Adding industrial finishes to your bathroom creates a sleek and elegant, yet urban look. You don’t have to turn your whole bathroom into a warehouse – rather just consider the finishes you’ll be using. Consider materials and ideas such as exposed piping, industrial stone (for flooring or walls), dark metals, industrial light bulbs and concrete accents.

The enticing thing about an industrial spin to a room, is the spacious, open vibe it creates, due to the raw elements used. To focus on the accent pieces you are using, try your best to make them sleekly stand out. Over cluttering your industrial elements with other designs and ideas will steal some of your space, so pick wisely.


Adding concrete, granite or marble, might seem like a “cold” idea at first. However, adding these materials can give the perfect backdrop to add other soft or colourful elements of your choice. Adding an embellishment like a large, pastel coloured painting or a bright pot plant, will instantly add warmth to the room. When you have added the element of your choice, learn that granite plays a big role in being the neutral background, highlighting your chosen embellishments.

Consider the above mentioned materials for baths, basins or even floating shelves. Floating shelves are practical and add structure to a room. 


Mirrors can be your best friend in any space and is the number one bathroom accessory. Use them to make a statement, hide imperfections, create a focal point or enlarge a small space. Geometric shapes are making a comeback, and a mirror will automatically add a little shape and structure to the look of your bathroom.


Using natural accents, such as wood in the bathroom are flourishing at the moment. When we see wooden accents, it creates a warm and natural vibe and somehow brings nature a little bit closer. In an era dependent on technology, we sometimes long for these down to earth elements to make us feel grounded. What better way than to incorporate wood accents into the bathroom to make it warm, welcoming and relaxing. Contemplate mirror frames, flooring, floating vanities (a very good choice for a smaller bathroom) and floating shelves that can be made from wood. The wooden look will play a role in the general aesthetics of your room. 


Good news if you like open showers, as 2019 are going keep providing this open plan look. Open showers have an inviting look to them, which turns your bathroom into a luxurious, relaxing space, rather than somewhere you just quickly jump into the shower or brush your teeth.


Standalone tubs will not just serve a practical purpose, but also adorn the whole bathroom.  Freestanding baths have a very modern vibe to them and easily add to a minimalist’s taste. They are engineered to be classy and geometric.

If modern isn’t on your list of favourites, the good, old Victorian bath, will add vintage feel to your bathroom.  Problem sorted!

Combining a freestanding bath with anything consisting out of tiles, rocks or cement, will add a tranquil atmosphere.


The Victorian style bathroom portrays luxury and elegance, but also comfort. Generally when a Victorian style bathroom is mentioned, we immediately think of the stand alone tub. With clean lines and metallic finishing or some black and white tiles , this interior style by Rumour Has It Design reaches a royal feel.


Many of us prefer a classic and neutral looking bathroom. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this style, but if you were looking for tips to spice it up just a little, then don’t fear, for the bathroom gurus are near… And they are telling you to add a pop of colour. Incorporate a colourful pot plant or even an accentuated wall with different colours of tiles or wallpaper. You don’t have to go overboard at all. A little spark of colour just adds a little extra energy and brightness to a room.


Last, but definitely not least, we are looking into black finishes in your bathroom. Black finishes in kitchens and bathrooms are by far one of the more popular (if not the most) trends of 2019. Don’t think that combining these finishes with the soft colour palette of your bathroom will be too harsh, as it actually creates the perfect contrast. The perfect balance between edgy and classy. Other than metal trends, black, specifically matte, is a timeless choice. 

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