5 Low Maintenance Plants To Put In Your Home

Houseplants have plenty of beneficial elements to them. They purify the air, add a touch of nature to your decor and even help you focus. Here is a list of 5 of the best, low-maintenance plants to use in your home and what to keep in mind when choosing them.


Besides being useful for skincare, Aloe Vera plants are also super easy to maintain!

Plant your Aloe in cactus soil and place it in a bright area.

Aloe’s look beautiful in just about any container. Get creative and incorporate it into your personal style, making sure the container is big enough for the whole stem to fit in underneath the soil.

Aloe is part of the succulent family and therefore needs very little watering. It can be watered once a week during summer and as little as every two weeks during winter. Allow the soil to dry completely in between. When in doubt, don’t water, as you can kill it by overwatering. This plant is very forgiving and can survive almost anything!


The Ficus Elastica is also known as a Rubber Plant. Its shiny leaves compliment most interiors.

The Rubber Plant wants to be in a well-lit spot with indirect sunlight. Avoid shady areas as your plant will become spindly when it’s in too much shade.

Water your Ficus once a week in summer and once every two weeks in the winter. 


The Sansevieria, also known as The Snake Plant is one of the most diehard plants out there. It can grow in all light and brightness conditions. If you’re bad at keeping things alive but would love some plants in your house, this one is your best friend!

Snake Plants should only be watered every 2-6 weeks, depending on your home’s light levels, humidity and temperature. How’s that for low-maintenance?

Last but not least, the growth orientation of the Snake is upward, not outward. This means that if you want to put some greenery in a tiny apartment or room, it won’t take much space!


Let’s talk about Opuntia Microdasys, better known as Bunny Ears or Angel Wings (cute, right?). This Mexican plant will last for a lifetime if you pay attention to its needs; a lot of sunlight in summer, little water and rest from harsh sunlight during winter.

Keep in mind that when this cactus is planted in a pot without drainage holes, stagnant water will pool in the bottom and lead to the death of your plant.

You can water your Angel Wings when the soil has dried out and wait until it dries out again before giving it more water. During winter periods a little bit of water once a month will be more than enough.


Species of Spathiphyllum are generally known as Spath or Peace Lilies.

The Peace Lily performs well in medium to bright indirect light.

You can spray this plant with water every now and then, The lovely thing about the beautiful and elegant Peace Lily is that it will actually show you when it needs water by getting droopy leaves. As soon as you give it some water, it will be lively and joyful again.


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