Fully Floored: 7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Floor

Design In A Box founder and designer Analise de Beer gives the lowdown on todays top flooring trends.

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Choosing a floor can be overwhelming, especially so with the wide selection of choices available to consumers today. Design in a Box founder and designer Analise de Beer gives the lowdown on today’s top flooring trends. Look at the tips below to see the latest trends, what flooring to use in certain spaces and what will maintain well.

1. Your Budget

Choose a floor that will fit your budget, while keeping in mind its longevity. If you’re on a tight budget, but want the warmth of the timber floor, vinyl is the best option for you. Laminate is a bit more expensive but will provide a better textured timber look alike. Solid timber flooring is a spoil at its cost but is well worth the price if you can afford it – if you go this route please use a tried and tested installer.

2. Hard Surfaces

If you prefer a more natural look in their home, you can achieve this by choosing timber or natural stone flooring. Surfaces like vinyl, laminate and tiles replicate the real timber or stone look & feel. This is a great alternative to the real deal at a fraction of the cost. Most of them are also easy to clean, durable and is great for any space in your home.

3. Pattern And Layout

Patterns are in. Your floor can be the statement piece of the room by using patterns and different layouts. Chevron and Herringbone, diagonal, wide and mixed planks or tiles can be used to create your eye – catching floor. This is possible with any of the floor finishes depending on the range of your supplier.


4. Helping The Environment

Using natural, renewable, recycled and sustainable material in the manufacturing of flooring material is becoming of high importance. Bamboo and cork flooring are becoming more popular hardwood options, because of its eco-friendly properties. Carpets are still the most popular when considering your environmentally friendly options. This is because the are made from recycled materials, like plastic water bottles and carpets itself.

5. Colour Trends

Light colour variations like whites and greys are the focus for 2018. Greys set a cool and contemporary look. For the opposite effect, there is a popular inclination to blonde colours. This creates a feeling of warmth and the illusion of a larger space.


6. Waterproof

Tiles used to be the only waterproof option available. Now vinyl, laminate and even waterproof carpets are available. These are great for a new bathroom or kitchen. They are also durable and pet friendly.

7. Product Specific

Porcelain tiles are becoming more popular. There are shapes and sizes available, and are available in different textures. With laminates, wider planks with light colours and rustic texture are becoming more trendy. Vinyl flooring is possibly the go to flooring for 2018 with its affordable price, durability and looks it is great for any space. Carpets are still the warm and inviting option for spaces, popular mostly in bedrooms. Instead of a one colour tone through the space, carpets now come in a range of textures, interesting designs and bold playful colours to make the space fun and unique.

Floors have a massive impact on the look and feel of your space. When selecting flooring keep the functionality of the space in mind and how much traffic it takes. The second most important is the look and feel of the space. It should be timeless and durable, but still on trend and fits your other furniture pieces.

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Analise de Beer

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