Q & A with Our Parent Company, Rumour Has It

Our team has made exceptional strides –for more than 10 years– and we’re proud to share their insights from a recent interview with the leading décor and home renovations publication, Condé Nast House & Garden. Here is the inside scoop on the interior design and interior architecture studio’s latest work:


Located in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, Rumour Has It is an interior design and green architecture studio. As a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), their team of expert designers specialise in creating corporate and living spaces, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Given founder Analise de Beer’s love of branding, brand architecture is a key element in the work of Rumour Has It, with each client’s distinct character being expressed through interior décor. Analise shed light on the studio’s projects, and happenings in the world of sustainable design. She was joined by Chief Operating Officer, Laura Schlettwein, and Green Building Consultant, Anton Siebrits.

What motivated you to enter the green building industry?

We entered the green building industry to ensure that we have a heightened awareness of how our industry impacts the environment. It also enables us to be conscious of how we can improve the environment, and positively influence the people who live and operate within it.

Is there any particular project that you have a strong emotional connection to? If so, please describe the project and why it roused such deep emotion?

We are very enthusiastic about healthcare projects, as we have a passion for people and innovation. Having the opportunity to play an integral part in changing the face of the healthcare environment, and to create spaces for people to heal, evokes a deep sense of fulfilment. The Oncology Unit at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital is particularly close to our hearts.

Which key figures in the green building industry are the greatest inspiration to you and your team?

The first female CEO of the GBCSA, Dora Modise presents a unique opportunity to influence the green-building movement. As well as the building industry at large. In a way that only a woman can.

What are the major trends in sustainable interior design for 2018?

One major trend is taking a human-centred design approach, which promotes the well-being of individuals as the “consumers” of spaces for living, working, healing and leisure. In addition, the use of organic textiles and the introduction of plants and vegetation, into living and workspaces. Thus improving the quality of the indoor environment, through better access to natural light and air.

Are there any sustainable design practices that you would like to see become major trends?

The principles of Well building. As promoted by the Well Building Institute, are still at a very early stage of adoption on a global scale. Sustainable landscaping and Biophilic design- a method to reconnect us with nature using light, are also worthy of great appreciation.


By Amy Saunders and Zeenat Mowzer

Find the article here: https://www.houseandgarden.co.za/design/qa-with-the-team-of-rumour-has-it/

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